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Supporting Parents

No More Naughty 


Because parenting is hard and kids can be unreasonable! They don't listen, don't do as they're told, you're always saying "No!", repeating yourself, you wish you could get just five minutes peace and quiet and the tantrums are rife!

I've been there. It's tough when you feel helpless and unsupported.

This programme is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to work WITH your children instead of life becoming a battle. Your kids will be calm and connected, and you'll feel confident and collected.

This is a one time only online session where you'll get loads of tips and advice on how to tackle the tantrums, manage the unreasonable behaviour and get your kids talking with some respect.


Plus ask me ANYTHING!

Value - £4 per person (you must have access to Facebook).

Phonics for Parents


Learning to read isn't taught in the same way anymore. If you were born before 2000, its really likely you'd have learned to read using the whole language method.

Now though, phonics is where it is at! It has been proven to increase progression in reading by one year on average.

As parents, supporting our children with reading can feel overwhelming and a bit of a minefield.

The Phonics for Parents course is a really easy to digest, simple way of  getting your head around how your child will learn to read.


The course goes over:

  • How to say sounds correctly.

  • Breaking down new words.

  • Progression of sounds to words to sentences.

And includes:

  • Online access to the course content, delivered weekly for three weeks, to be watched at your leisure. Each video is 30 minutes long.

  • A set of course notes emailed to you weekly (3 weeks).

  • A huge pack of printable resources to download (including word cards, sound cards, a progression guide and more, worth £24).

  • A catch up week in case you missed something

  • One month's access to the community group (worth £10)

  • Weekly Q&A with myself, a experienced primary teacher

  • BONUS - Phonics books guide

  • BONUS - Toys and games guide

Course value: £59 

Get ahead and feel confident!